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      • Exemplary Quotes
        • “I think we’re getting frustrated too quickly, and giving up too easily on each possible approach.     Imagine that we had just heard that the other team had gotten this to work—we would be wracking our brains for weeks trying to figure out how they did it, not just the hour-and-a-half we just tried.  This is a really hard problem, and we have to expect that it’s going to take a while to get some approaches to solving it.”
        • “I know she seems a little overly optimistic, but when I talked to her over lunch I realized that she is just trying to develop a “can-do” spirit so that we will all have the chance to try to solve the problem.”
        • “We’re capable, we know all the people we need to figure this out, and we’ve solved comparably difficult problems before... so one way or the other we’re going to find out how to make this work.”
      • Cautionary Quotes: Mistakes, Misconceptions, & Misunderstandings
        • “Many people have tried to solve this problem of increasing illiteracy and failed, so we shouldn’t throw more good money after bad — some problems are just intractable.”
        • "Scientists have been trying to figure out what dark matter is for decades, and we still basically have no idea. We'll probably never know, so it's not worth working on."