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        • An instrument can have greater precision and accuracy than direct observation or the instruments used to test and calibrate it.  

      • Exemplary Quotes
        • "It sure helped public health and medicine once we realized there were things affecting our health that were just a little too small to see. I wonder if we could have figured that out without the invention of the microscope. I guess we might have just thought there were more invisible entities out there."
        • “It didn’t occur to anybody that there was a such a clear periodic pattern in the populations of those wolves and rabbits until somebody just started writing down every sighting—we’re pretty bad at estimating and remembering times between occasional events.”
        • “It’s amazing to first see a slow motion picture of a violin string making a note—wouldn’t it be great if our eyes and brains were fast enough to do this?”
        • “Do you think that modern technology offering us more different vantage points fundamentally changes our position on any practical questions?   For example, does it make a difference that in relatively recent decades we have gotten used to seeing the earth as a whole from space?”
      • Cautionary Quotes: Mistakes, Misconceptions, & Misunderstandings
        • “We can't really know anything about other galaxies, because we can only see them through fancy instruments and we can never know if the instruments are telling us the truth.”