What Students Say About the Course

The students at the end of the 2016 iteration of the course were asked, "How would you introduce and describe this class in fewer than 20 words?" They answered:

If you want the intellectual armament to be critical of individual, social, political, and other problems, take this class.

A class exploring rationality-- what promotes it, what hinders it, and what is science’s role in it.

The most fun, interesting, and practical class you will ever take.

SSS should be a mandatory class-- students will leave this class as better thinkers, better knowers, and better people.

SSS attempts to explore science and scientific thinking in order to apply the tools towards solving problems of fact and value.

Everyone is a scientist! Scientific concepts and how they apply to our daily lives.   

This class challenges our thought processes as we make decisions and reliability judgments in our everyday lives.

Engaging, unique course teaches you how to think, how to approach problems in life, and how to question solutions. 

The philosophy of science and how it applies to decision-making and society.

One that’ll open your eyes to the smallest details and the biggest lapses in society around you.

An approachable way to explore interesting scientific ideas that are applicable to everyday life.

How to look at things scientifically even if you are not a scientist.

Experimental course that seeks to apply scientific approaches and methodology to practical decision-making and policy recommendations. 

This cross-disciplinary course aims to challenge the students’ preconceptions about the world and offers alternative, reasonable methods in decision-making. 

An interdisciplinary approach to rational decision-making.

It is a class that teaches you how to be a better scientist and citizen.